Gold Bar Naturals

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✓ 100% Vegan, all natural and cruelty free
✓ coats hair for a smooth finish
✓ adds volume and bounce for silky, smooth and manageable hair
✓ regular use strengthens the hair to prevent split ends, hair loss and breakage
✓ naturally protects the hair from the sun
✓ detangles dry, coarse hair
✓ allows easy styling

The Ancient Egyptians used Avocado to prevent hair loss and promote hair re-growth.
This ‘Superfood’ is packed with Vitamins B and E, both essential for healthy hair.  Nourish your locks with this hair strengthening emulsion that adds shine to your crown. Tame that frizz and get that volume and bounce with this all natural, pure essence of Avocado oil.

Nothing beats a healthy looking hair.  Dare to wear your hair down anytime!


Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin B5, Essential Oils