Gold Bar is your one-stop shop for luxury handmade solutions for hair and skin care. Products are all-natural, made with the best organic ingredients from all around the world, and contain zero nasties – that means no parabens, sulphates, silicones, and absolutely nothing artificial.
From our *Award-Winning Gold-infused anti-ageing skincare, to our critically acclaimed anti-hair fall Shampoo Bar, we offer all-natural solutions like no other for a wide range of hair and skin concerns, designed to make you look and feel good, for good.
Our soaps are uniquely shaped like gold bars, so whether it’s top of luxury you are looking for, or the perfect gifts for your loved ones, there is something for everyone at Gold Bar.

Our solutions are inspired by proven traditional remedies from Thailand and its surrounding South-East Asian countries. One of which is using Gold as an ingredient for it’s powerful skin benefits – infused into our products where it would be most effective. Gold is associated with luxury and good fortune, and the use of Gold in skin care is not limited to Thailand and the region alone. Think back in history, Cleopatra was known to sleep with a gold face mask to maintain her youthful look and golden glow.
We combine these age-old remedies with modern technology to create luxurious products that are delicious for the senses, an absolute delight to use, and that offer targeted health benefits.

Gold Bar is the brainchild of young entrepreneur Kristiana Sripetchvandee, who through her own personal struggles with various hair and skin problems and countless disappointments of numerous prescriptions and products from all over the world, came to realise that there is no ‘quick fix’ method to bettering hair and skin problems, especially to achieve long lasting results. She then decided to take the long term approach and came to discover that the only way to achieve results that lasted is to allow the body to naturally heal itself.

“With the right kind of help, our body’s ability to heal itself for good can surprise you. It definitely did for me.” – Kristiana Sripetchvandee
Kristiana found that ‘the right kind of help’ means looking to nature for solutions. By facilitating the body’s natural healing process without the use of harsh chemicals, she came to find that her hair and skin has significantly improved and for a much longer term too. With the help of her mother, the two aim to source the very best ingredients, combine age-old remedies with modern technology to create high quality, effective solutions that are accessible for all.

“It is my passion to help others overcome their hair and skin concerns for good in a safe, effective and affordable way.” – Kristiana Sripetchvandee

Luxury does not always come with a price. At Gold Bar, we offer affordable, luxurious natural products. And no, it’s not affordable because we’re holding back on you, it’s because we believe that health and beauty, the natural way, should be shared and accessible for all.
For concerns from premature ageing, acne/blemishes, dry skin, body odour, to premature greyness, dandruff, hair loss, and much much more, our products give real, lasting results.